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Oct 27

Winter is coming…


Last night with minus 4C. Prepare your self…

May 11

Ad war between Blackberry and Apple

Found this tonight. It is a very funny blog thread on two ads. One from Blackberry and the reply from Apple. LINK

Apr 09

Et “minde” om betalingsringen der døde og forsvandt….


Apr 08

Happy Easter to everyone :-)


I wish everyone a happy Easter

Mar 25

Foursquare ved alt….


Var forbi Frederiksberg Rådhus for at besøge borgerservice og bestille et nyt pas. Dette er beskeden fra Foursquare: Jeg vidste ikke at Foursquare var connected med Frederiksberg Rådhus, men appen vidste at “Borgmesteren var i huset”. Så ham dog ikke

Mar 02

God stavekontrol fra Danske Bank….


Feb 27

The statement of the week I started out…

The statement of the week: I started out with nothing and I still have most of it left….

Jul 01

It has now begun…


Ready and in place in front of Orange Stage on Roskilde to the first concert this year – WHEN SAINTS GO MACHINE and GORILLAZ will entertain this evening.

Jun 30

Roskilde Festival on a quite morning


Not much movement at 0700 on the Roskilde Camp Site… Can also inform that the music from the area stopped a 0600….

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