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Oct 08

New Challenge – This time a Hotel Challenge from SAS….


here is a much activity from SAS these weeks. No I have received another targeted mail with a invitation to participate in a Hotel challenge on how many nights I can stay at a Radisson Blu hotel in Scandinavia. The setup is the same as for flights and points are: 3 nights = 6000 points …

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Sep 28

Ny side for frequent travelers og rejseinteresseret…


      Den 20. oktober bliver www.bonusfeber.dk launchet. Siden vil give guides,informationer, tips og tricks om hvordan man får den bedste rejseoplevelse. Indtil den dato kan man følge siden på Facebook på: https://www.facebook.com/bonusfeber.dk Kig forbi og “like” siden og få allerede nu gavn af de tips og informationer som deles    

Sep 22

Widerøe – Use of Optiontown is possible now


Widerøe is now starting up with cooperation with Optiontown on two new offerings. The first is Empty Seat Option and the other is the Flexibility Reward Option. More to read her (in Norwegian): LINK TO WEB PAGE

Sep 22

Revisited – a 20 min movie about Frequent Flyer and why we do it….

In 2009 Gabriel Leigh made a 20 min movie about frequent flyers and this explains very shortly why people like me are doing what they are. It is a mixture of a hobby and searching to try out premium travels to remote destinations – even if it is only for a week Look at it and …

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Jun 16

Så kommer Dreamlineren snart til København…


Efter sommerferien kan man fra København flyve med Boeing 787 Dreamliner til Doha LINK

Jun 15

Found this foursquare sign in the Crown Plaza parking place…


First time seeing this sign on my recent visit at the Crown Plaza Antwerp parking place:

Apr 09

SAS – The iPhone app is finally here…


After almost 2 years of waiting the SAS iPhone app is here:   Get it here: https://itunes.apple.com/dk/app/sas-scandinavian-airlines/id605727126?mt=8 It looks promising and I look forward to test it in the next weeks of travel.  

Mar 28

Længste flyruter – Noget der er på ToDo listen…

Fik lige lavet en oversigt over de længste flyruter. Grunden var at den længste på 18h55mog den næst længste på 17h25m lukker her ultimo året. En skam at Singapore Airlines lukker deres længere ruter grundet Airbus “bytte bytte købmand” med A380 og A350 modeller da de 19 timer var en A330-500 all business class. Dette …

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Jan 01

1.000.000 points achieved on my accounts


December was a special day as I rounded a corner on my mileage accounts. Accumulated on all accounts I have now over 1.000.000 points in mainly hotels and airlines. This means that I have points enough for almost 10-12 days on a top star rated hotel and business class or first class tickets to get …

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Oct 19

That is why you do only have carry on when you travel…

2012-10-19 19.36.58

Coming back Friday night to CPH and there was just tons of people waiting for luggage. Again I can only say that there is only two kind of luggage “carry on or lost”. In this case though it had to be “carry on or very late home and still maybe lost”

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