Feb 11

SK1794 LYS CPH FEB09 2012 CRJ200 Was at…

SK1794 / LYS-CPH / FEB09 2012 / CRJ200

Was at my favorite seat (8F – emergency exit) on my way home from Lyon and during the BoB service the guy next to me bought a coke plus sandwich for bonus point. This was the first time I experienced this and could not avoid asking him about “why the devil he is spending valuable points for this”. He said he had around 200K points and this was a way using it. When I heard this I almost fall off the seat even though it was a window seat…. I told him that for this amount he could get a first class award to USA/Asia and still have points left on the account afterwards. He did not know this so here is where I was starting to wonder. How many of these EB members is out there and if there is many then I suddenly starts to see what a good business case SAS have for getting some of these points written of for a bargain.

The guy would now go have and look at the web page for F awards with LH :-)

Otherwise the flight from LYS-CPH was quite normal. The stewardess did help me with a non SK blanket as this Cimber CRJ200 did not have any normal one on board. Thanks for this which made the flight home much better that Thursday evening.

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