Feb 15

SK1793 CPH LYS FEB13 2012 CRJ200 Was on…

SK1793 / CPH-LYS / FEB13 2012 / CRJ200

Was on my 4th week of work in Lyon and on this afternoon flight a “celebrity” was among the passangers. This was Søren Søndergaard, a Danish politician from “Enhedslisten” and member of the EU parlement. I have always wondered what our tax money are going to :-) on this flight I got a small idea of what some of the tax payers money is going to. This is the let Søren Søndergaard to fly in business class on the “peoples money” :-)

Well the flight did go as planed and it was eventless which always is good and enjoying a free cup of tea which SAS now have made free of charge. Another good thing from SAS. Let us hope that 2012 will continue with good news in their 20th anniversary of EuroBonus.

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