Apr 21

B787 – is it different…

Just heard the following quote in an interview/report from a pilot who just have completed the first part of the B787 flight training (simulator):

Much of the cockpit seems like it was designed by Apple. The Control Display Units (CDUs) are virtual, so you can move them from one MFD to another. In fact, you can configure the displays in 48 different ways, I think, though we have found a few favorites we will use to keep it simple. To move the cursor from one MFD to another, you can either use a button, or you can “flick” your finger across the trackpad (Cursor Control Device) to fling the cursor from one screen to the next – much like an iPad.

I do not find it so funny that a pilot need to “slide” to find the right screen out of 48 different one… “Sorry – I could not find the altimeter in time….”. I will play with the iPad in flight. The pilot is flying the plane :-)

The pilot end with this quote:

I think the 787 will be a great plane, but there could be some surprises with this level of innovation. Time will tell.

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