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Dec 24

Wine to the rice pudding…


The highlight of the night is the port wine to the rice pudding. This year is a very special year as the port wine is a 100 year old Niepoort Colheita from – yes – 1912. LINK TO MORE INFORMATION This is a very – very good port wine and very special to drink it …

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Mar 12

Equipment Change

I just hate last minute equipment change when you had the emergency exit seat after check in and now are re seated randomly on a full morning flight to CDG…

Mar 10

Diving trip to Väderöerne

On a weekend dive trip to Väderöerne with friends from the diving club ( This is world class diving – just in Sweden See some pictures here:

Mar 01

This is the best Youtube video experience of…

This is the best Youtube video experience of this week

Jan 03

Velkommen til 2011….

Oct 21



Jul 10

Roskilde 2009 – Most surprising concert


Was with the German band La Brass Branda on July 5th – Cosmopol Stage They are worth to spend some time at – They can play dance music on trompets/drums/bas guitar…